How to help and not “harass” your prospects/customers?

Prabesh Khanal
2 min readMar 29, 2021

Yes, I know that you want to help your prospects.

You know that they need your help.

You know they’re in a bad situation.

You want to make their life better.

You want to make them feel better.

You want to show them what to do it and how to do it.

But it’s not easy to change someone’s worldview or perception. It’s not easy to shift someone’s belief. It’s something they’ve always been habituated with.

Even if you’re trying with all you might to help them, if they perceive it as criticism then you’ll only be creating resistance and people won’t be listening from you ever again.

So how to help people?

It’s actually simple.

The first ever thing that you should never ever do is tell them that they’re wrong. If you just come and say that they’re wrong in their face, they’ll probably start disliking you or they’ll even start hating you.

This is because people don’t like to know that they’re wrong. It’s just human’s natural behavior that they want to feel right about whatever they’re doing at the moment.

You should make them feel that whatever they’re doing in their life right now is not their fault. When you do this it will make them feel safer. They connect with you instantly.

You need to know their current situation, where they are, what’s their worldview, what they like and dislike. Then when you address what’s happening in their life is because of outer circumstances and it has nothing to do with themselves (even if it is their fault).

Doing this makes the resistance go away and they’ll be more receptive towards your suggestions.

When you say that they’re wrong then you’ve just collided with their deep rooted belief which hurts their ego. And you know nobody wants to take advice/suggestions from someone who you feel like is insulting you.

So, next time whenever you’re trying to help/suggest someone don’t just go and make them feel terrible by calling them out wrong. Understand where they’re, align with their world view and then give them the suggestion that you think could be better for them. Tell them that it could change their life.

Tell them that it could be revolutionary if they followed your advice.

But they won’t just believe you.

I mean that’s some promise.

Show them some proof. Show them some undeniable proof where someone just like them took your help/suggestion and now is in a better place in his/her life.

Now, leave them alone. Let them decide for themselves if they want to take your advice or not.

Never harass your customer, try to help them.



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